An Excellent Camera

We really like the D40x because it meets our photographic needs in the field and is reasonably priced. We moved to digital photography and didn't want to spend a lot of money. The regular lenses are amazingly sharp, and this camera also works with old favorite Nikon lenses from the venerable Nikon FE, including the manual macro 2.8  55mm lens. Move the selector to manual and use the wheel choose your shutter speed. Focus and you are there. That's about all there is to it. There is a workaround for almost any Nikon lens. We bought the D40x with the 18-55 mm regular lens and a 55-200 VR for distance. The 55-200 is amazingly quick to focus. Nikon offers a 18-200 mm, but be prepared to pay. We use a 2 gb card and get an amazing 600 shots per battery charge. Click on the ad to go to Amazon if you are interested.

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Encounter with three manatees:
a natural high at Weeki Wachee

"I reached out and stroked her forehead and rubbed her back. I held my hand to her mouth. It filled my palm. I could feel her whiskers against my skin as she explored my hand with her lips, nuzzling it and taking my fingers a tiny bit into her mouth before I guess she decided they weren't food and I remembered she had teeth designed to grind tough grass . . .story by Tom Southern

Moth awarded a Hebrew letter
 The full story of ancient miracle or at least as good
an explanation as we can find. Story by M. Abrams

  • Acanthaceae:

  • Ruellia sp. (JPEG) WILD PETUNIA

    Elytraria caroliniensis. (JPEG) ELYTRARIA 

  • Aisoaceae: 

  • Sesuvium portulacastrum (JPEG) PORTULACA 

  • Amaryllidaceae: 

  • Crinum americanum (JPEG) (Clifford Pelchat) SWAMP LILY

    Hymenocallis rotata (JPEG) SPIDER LILY

    Hymenocallis godfreyi (JPEG) (photo by Melanie Darst) SPIDER LILY

    Zephyranthes treatiae (JPEG) RAIN LILY

    Lycoris radiata (JPEG) HURRICANE LILY 

  • Annonaceae: 

  • Asimina angustifolia? (JPEG) PAWPAW 

  • Araceae: 

  • Orontium aquaticum (JPEG) GOLDEN CLUB 

  • Asclepiadaceae:

  • Asclepias tuberosa (JPEG) BUTTERFLY WEED

    Asclepias connivens (JPEG) MILKWEED 

    Asclepias obovata (JPEG) MILKWEED 

    Asclepias humistrata (JPEG) PURPLE MILKWEED 

    Asclepias lanceolata (JPEG) RED MILKWEED

    Matelea flavidula (JPEG) MATELEA

    Matelea baldwyniana (JPEG) BALDWIN'S SPINY-POD 

    Matelea gonocarpa (JPEG) CLIMBING MILKWEED 

  • Apocynaceae: 

  • Vinca minor (JPEG) PERIWINKLE 

  • Asteraceae: 

  • <

    Cirsium horridulum (JPEG) THISTLE 

    Erigeron sp. (JPEG) FLEABANE 

    Chaptalia tomentosa (JPEG) SUN-BONNETS 

    Solidago sp. (JPEG) GOLDENROD 

    Cirsium lecontei (JPEG) THISTLE 

    Brickellia cordifolia (JPEG) FLYR'S NEMIS

    Cirsium horridulum (GIF) THISTLE (FROM THE TOP) 

    Echinacea purpurea (JPEG) PURPLE CONEFLOWER

    Helenium vernale (JPEG)) SNEEZEWEED

    Aster eryngiifolius (JPEG) ASTER

    Gaillardia pulchella (JPEG) FIREWHEEL

    Berlandiera subacaulis (JPEG) GREENEYES 

    Liatris provincialis (JPEG) BLAZING STAR

    Lygodesmia aphylla (JPEG) ROSERUSH

    Coreopsis nudata (JPEG) SWAMP COREOPSIS

    Pyrrhopappus carolinianus (JPEG) FALSE DANDELION

    Aster carolinianus (JPEG) CLIMBING ASTER

    Silphium simpsonii (JPEG) SILPHIUM

    Coreopsis lanceolata (JPEG) LANCE-LEAVED COREOPSIS 

    Balduina uniflora (JPEG) HONEYCOMB HEAD 

    Stokesia laevis (JPEG) STOKESIA 

    Rudbeckia graminifolia (JPEG) RUDBECKIA

    Aster chapmanii (JPEG) ASTER

    Rudbeckia hirta (JPEG) BLACKEYED SUSAN

    Helenium amarum (JPEG)) BITTERWEED

    Phoebanthus tenuifolia (JPEG)) PHOEBANTHUS 

    Heterotheca subauxillaris (JPEG) CAMPHORWEED 

    Mikania scandens (JPEG) CLIMBING HEMPWEED

    Latuca graminifolia (JPEG) WILD LETTUCE

    Emilia fosbergii (JPEG) TASSELFLOWER 

    Vernonia angustifolia (JPEG) IRONWEED

    Pterocaulon virgatum (JPEG) BLACKROOT

  • Bignoniaceae:

  • Campsis radicans (JPEG) TRUMPET VINE

    Bignonia capreolata (JPEG) CROSS-VINE

  • Cactaceae:
  • Campanulaceae:

  • Lobelia cardinalis (JPG) CARDINAL FLOWER

    Lobelia sp. (JPEG) LOBELIA 

  • Caprifoliaceae

  • <

    Lonicera japonica (JPEG) HONEYSUCKLE 

  • Clusiaceae: 

  • Hypericum sp. (JPEG) ST. JOHN'S WORT 

  • Commelinaceae: 

  • <

    Tradescantia sp.(JPEG) SPIDERWORT 

    Commelina erecta (JPEG) DAY FLOWER 

    Commelinaceae gen. sp? (JPEG) WANDERING JEW 

    Tradescantia sp.(JPEG) SPIDERWORT

  • Convolvulaceae: 

  • <

    Ipomoea coccinea (JPEG)RED MORNING GLORY

    Ipomoea purpurea (JPEG) PURPLE MORNING GLORY

    Ipomoea sagittata (JPEG) PINK MORNING GLORY

    Ipomoea alba (JPEG) MOONFLOWER

    <>Ipomoea imperati (JPEG) BEACH MORNING GLORY

  • Droseraceae:

  • <

    Dionaea muscipula (JPEG) VENUS FLY TRAP

    Drosera sp. (JPEG) SUNDEW

    Drosera filiformis (JPEG) DEW THREADS

  • Ericaceae: 

  • <

    Rhododendron serrulatum (JPEG) SUMMER WILD AZALEA 

    Rhododendron canescens (JPEG) SPRING WILD AZALEA

    Kalmia hirsuta (JPEG) HAIRY LAUREL 

    Kalmia latifolia (JPEG) MOUNTAIN LAUREL

    Rhododendron austrinum (JPEG) YELLOW WILD AZALEA 

  • Fabaceae: 

  • Schrankia microphylla (JPEG) SENSITIVE PLANT

    Centrosema virginianum (JPEG) BUTTERFLY PEA

    Centrosema virginianum (JPEG) BUTTERFLY PEA (ALBINO)

    Trifolium incarnatum (JPEG) RED CLOVER

    Sesbania punicea (JPEG) SESBAN

    Trifolium vesiculosum (JPEG) WILD CLOVER 

    Amorpha fruticosa (JPEG) BASTARD INDIGO

  • Gentianaceae: 

  • Sabatia sp.(JPEG) SABATIA 

    Sabatia dodecandra (JPEG) MARSH PINK 

    Eustoma exaltatum (JPEG) SEASIDE GENTIAN 

    Sabatia brevifolia (JPEG) NARROW-LEAVED SABATIA 

    Sabatia bartramii (JPEG) MARSH PINK 

  • Haemodoraceae:


    Lachnanthes caroliniensis (JPEG) REDROOT

    Lophiola americana (JPEG) GOLD CREST 

  • Hypericaceae


    Hypericum sp. (JPEG) ST. JOHN'S WORT


  • Illiciaceae:


    Illicium floridanum (JPEG) PURPLE ANISE

  • Insects and spiders: 


    Grasshopper drama (JPEG)

    Spider on bog button (JPEG) 

    Butterfly on daisy (JPEG) 

    Bee on daisy (JPEG) 

    Spider on daisy (JPEG) 

    Bee on morning glory (JPEG) 

    Hummingbird moth on ironweed (JPEG) 

    Katydid on leaf (JPEG) 

    Lovebug on flower (JPEG) 

    Lynx spider captures bee (JPEG) 

    Green bee on Helenium flexuosum (JPEG) 

  • Iridaceae:


    Iris sp. (JPEG) 

    Sisyrinchium sp. (JPEG) BLUE-EYED GRASS 

    Tritonia x crocosmiiflora (JPEG) MONTBRETIA

  • Lamiaceae:


    Trichostema dichotomum (JPEG)BLUE CURLS 

    Monarda punctata (JPEG) HORSE MINT 

    Hyptis alata (JPEG) HYPTIS

    Salvia lyrata (JPEG) LYRE-LEAVED SAGE

    Scutellaria integrifolia (JPEG) SKULLCAP 

    Salvia coccinea (JPEG) TROPICAL SAGE

    Physostegia purpurea (JPEG) OBEDIENT PLANT 

    Lamium amplexicaule (JPEG) HENBIT 

  • Leguminosae:


    Cassia fasciculata (JPEG) PARTRIDGE PEA

    Wisteria sp. (JPEG) WISTERIA

    Lupinus villosus (JPEG) LADY LUPINE 

    Pueraria lobata (JPEG) KUDZU

  • Lentibulariaceae: 


    Pinguicula lutea (JPEG) YELLOW BUTTERWORT

    Pinguicula caerulea (JPEG) BLUE BUTTERWORT

    Pinguicula planifolia? (JPEG) FLATLEAF BUTTERWORT

  • Liliaceae: 


    Harperocallis flava (JPEG) HARPER'S BEAUTY

    Lilium catesbaei (JPEG) CATESBY'S LILY

    Erythronium americanum (JPEG) TROUT LILY 

    Zigadenus glaberrimus (JPEG) FLY POISON

    Pleea tenuifolia (JPEG) RUSH-FEATHERLING 

    Zigadenus densus (JPEG) CROW-POISON 

    Hemerocallis fulva (JPEG) DAY-LILY 

  • Loganiaceae: 


    Spigelia marilandica (JPEG) INDIAN PINK 

    Gelsemium sempervirens (JPEG) YELLOW JESSAMINE 

  • Magnoliaceae:


    Magnolia pyramidata (JPEG) PYRAMID MAGNOLIA

  • Malvaceae: 


    Hibiscus moscheutos (JPEG) SWAMP ROSE-MALLOW

    Hibiscus aculeatus (JPEG) PINELAND HIBISCUS 

    Kosteletzkya virginica (JPEG) SALT MARSH MALLOW 

    Hibiscus coccineus (JPEG) SCARLET HIBISCUS 

  • Melastomaceae:


    Rhexia virginica (JPEG) MEADOW BEAUTY

    Rhexia mariana? (JPEG) MEADOW BEAUTY 

    Rhexia petiolata (JPEG) MEADOW BEAUTY

  • Nymphaeaceae: 


    Nelumbo lutea (JPEG)LOTUS-LILY

    Nymphaea odorata (JPEG) WATER LILY

  • Onagraceae: 


    Oenothera speciosa (JPEG) PRIMROSE 

    Oenothera laciniata (JPEG) EVENING PRIMROSE 

  • Orchidaceae: 


    Calopogon pallidus (JPEG) PALE GRASS PINK 

    Calopogon tuberosus (JPEG) GRASS PINK 

    Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum (GIF) (by Clifford Pelchat) THICKROOT ORCHID

    Cleistes divaricata (JPEG) ROSEBUD ORCHID

    Corallorhiza wisteriana (JPEG) SPRING CORAL-ROOT

    Encyclia tampensis (JPEG) (blossom) BUTTERFLY ORCHID 

    Encyclia tampensis (JPEG) (full plant by Clifford Pelchat) BUTTERFLY ORCHID 

    Epidendrum conopseum (JPEG) GREEN FLY ORCHID 

    Epidendrum conopseum (JPEG) (by Clifford Pelchat) GREEN FLY ORCHID 

    Habenaria odontopetala (GIF) (close-up by Clifford Pelchat) SPIDER ORCHID 

    Habenaria odontopetala (JPEG) (more blossoms by Clifford Pelchat) SPIDER ORCHID 

    Habenaria odontopetala (GIF) (full plant by Clifford Pelchat) SPIDER ORCHID 

    Habenaria quinqueseta (JPEG) SPIDER ORCHID 

    Habenaria quinqueseta (JPEG) SPIDER ORCHID 

    Habenaria repens (JPEG) WATER SPIDER ORCHID

    Habenaria repens (JPEG) (full) WATER SPIDER ORCHID

    Listera australis (JPEG) (full) TWAYBLADE

    Listera australis (JPEG) (blossom) TWAYBLADE

    Platanthera blephariglottis (JPEG) WHITE-FRINGED ORCHID

    Platanthera chapmanii(JPEG) CRESTED ORCHID

    Platanthera ciliaris(JPEG) YELLOW FRINGED ORCHID

    Platanthera cristata (JPEG) CRESTED FRINGED ORCHID

    Platanthera integra (JPEG) YELLOW FRINGELESS ORCHID

    Platanthera nivea (JPEG) SNOWY ORCHID 

    Platanthera nivea 2(JPEG) SNOWY ORCHID

    Pogonia ophioglossoides (JPEG) ROSE POGONIA 

    Spiranthes lanceolata (JPEG) (by Clifford Pelchat) SCARLET LADIES TRESSES

    Spiranthes lanceolata (JPEG) (in setting by Clifford Pelchat) SCARLET LADIES TRESSES

    Spiranthes lanceolata (JPEG) (close-up by Clifford Pelchat) SCARLET LADIES TRESSES

    Spiranthes praecox (JPEG) (by Clifford Pelchat) LADIES TRESSES

    Spiranthes praecox? (JPEG) (by Clifford Pelchat) LADIES TRESSES

    Spiranthes vernalis with crab spider (JPEG) (photo by Clifford Pelchat) LADIES TRESSES

    Tipularia discolor (JPEG) CRANE FLY ORCHID 1

    Tipularia discolor (JPEG) CRANE FLY ORCHID 2

    Tipularia discolor (JPEG) CRANE FLY ORCHID 3

    Vanilla phaentha (JPEG) (by Clifford Pelchat) LEAFY VANILLA 

    Vanilla planifolia (JPEG) (beans) (by Clifford Pelchat) VANILLA ORCHID

    Zeuxine strateumatica (JPEG) LAWN ORCHID 

  • Orobanchaceae:


    Epifagus virginiana (JPEG) BEECH DROPS 

    Conopholis americana(JPEG) SQUAW ROOT 

  • Oxalidaceae: 


    Oxalis violacea (JPEG) VIOLET WOOD-SORREL 

  • Papaveraceae:


    Argemone mexicana (JPEG) MEXICAN POPPY

  • Passifloraceae:


    Passiflora pallens (JPEG) PASSION FLOWER (S. FL) 

    Passiflora incarnata (JPEG) PASSION FLOWER

  • Plantaginaceae:


    Plantago lanceolata (JPEG) ENGLISH PLANTAIN 

  • Poaceae:


    Uniola paniculata (JPEG)SEA OATS

  • Polemoniaceae:


    Phlox sp. (JPEG) PHLOX

    Phlox drummondii (JPEG) ANNUAL PHLOX

    Phlox nivalis (JPEG) CREEPING PHLOX

  • Polygalaceae: 


    Polygala cruciata (JPEG) DRUM-HEADS 

    Polygala lutea (JPEG) BOG BACHELOR'S BUTTON 

    Polygala nana(JPEG) BACHELOR'S BUTTON

  • Pontederiaceae: 


    Eichhornia crassipes (JPEG) WATER HYACINTH 

  • Portulacaceae: 


    Portulaca pilosa (JPEG) PINK PURSLANE

  • Pyrolaceae


    Monotropa uniflora (JPEG) INDIAN PIPE

  • Ranunculaceae


    Clematis terniflora? (JPEG) CLEMATIS 

    Clematis crispa? (JPEG) LEATHER FLOWER

    Delphinium carolinianum (JPEG) LARKSPUR

  • Rosaceae: 


    Rosa laevigata (JPEG) CHEROKEE ROSE 

    Rosa palustris (JPEG) WILD ROSE 

  • Rubiaceae:


    Cephanlanthus occidentalis (JPEG) BUTTON BUSH 

  • Sarraceniaceae:


    Sarracenia flava (JPEG) TRUMPETS


    Sarracenia purpurea (JPEG) PITCHER PLANT

  • Saxifragaceae:


    Hydrangea quercifolia (JPEG) OAK-LEAF HYDRANGEA

  • Scropulariaceae: 


    Penstemon multiflorus (JPEG) BEARD-TONGUE

    Penstemon australis (JPEG) BEARD-TONGUE

    Castilleja sp. (JPEG) INDIAN PAINT BRUSH 

    Bacopa carliniana (JPEG) BLUE HYSSOP 

    Linaria canadensis (JPEG) TOADFLAX

  • Solanaceae:


    Solanum carolinense (JPEG) HORSE NETTLE 

    Physalis Walteri (JPEG) GROUND CHERRY 

  • Styracaceae:


    Storax americana (JPEG) STORAX 

  • Trilliaceae: 


    Trillium decipiens (JPEG) TRILLIUM or WAKE ROBIN

    Trillium underwoodii (JPEG) TRILLIUM or WAKE ROBIN

  • Turneraceae: 


    Piriqueta caroliniana (JPEG) PIRIQUETA

  • Verbenaceae: 


    Verbena sp. (JPEG) VERBENA 

    Clerodendrum bungei (JPEG) GLORYBOWER

    Callicarpa americana (JPEG) BEAUTY BERRY 

    Lantana camara (JPEG) LANTANA

    Verbena brasiliensis (JPEG) VERBENA 

  • Violaceae:


    Viola primulifolia (JPEG) PRIMROSE-LEAVED VIOLET

    Viola septemloba (JPEG) VIOLET

    Viola tripartata (JPEG) YELLOW VIOLET



    While some of these plants grow in Florida, many are from
    California and other places
    . Dr. Levin has a page at, and you
    can access the copyrighted pictures from this page, also.

    Combretum fruticosum
    Brassolaeliocattleya hybrid
    Musa ornata
    Brown Turkey or
    Black Spanish Figs

    Brachychiton discolor
    Opuntia robusta
    Rudbeckia hirta
    Rose "Secret"
    Dwarfed Dahlia
    Echeveria species
    Leonotis leonuris
    Hippeastrum "Minerva"
    Geranium "Martha Washington"
    Gasteria verrucosa
    Echinopsis hybrid
    "Volcanic Sunset"

    Notocactus herterii
    Gall on Quercus dumosa
    Camellia sasanqua
    Echeveria species
    Penstemon gloxiniodes 

    Aloe saponaria
    Habanero peppers 
    var. Red Savinia

    Beloperone guttata
    Magnolia x Soulangeana
    Opuntia subulata
    Gazania hybrid

    tricolor salicifolius

    Gaillardia hybrid
    Psidium littorale
    v. longipes

    Punica granatum

    Musa species
    Cereus peruvianus
    Rose "Bewitched"
    Rose "Talisman"
    Nymphaea "Attraction"
    Aechmea recurvata
    Opuntia species fruit
    Brachychiton discolor
    Cereus peruvianus
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Dahlia (semi-cactus)
    Opuntia species
    Leucospermum hybrid
    Rose "Regensberg"Hemerocallis hybrid  
    Cymbidium hybrid
    Anthurium andraeanum
    Passiflora hybrid
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Camellia sasanqua
    Guzmania lingulata
    Zinnia w/ female Fiery Skipper
    Antirrhinum majus
    Agave parryi
    Puya venusta
    Costus species
    Sedum Species
    Echinocereus scheeri
    Stapelia nobilis
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Brassolaelio cattleya hybrid
    "Russian Rhapsody"
    Fuchsia "Little Ronnie"
    Chorisia speciosa
    Helianthus annus 
    "Sunset Rich"

    Caladium bicolor

    Codiaem variegatum 
    var. pictum

    Rose "Carribean"
    Rose "Brass Band"
    Nepenthes hookeriana
    Fuchsia "Swingtime"
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Guzmania lingulata "splendens"
    Canna indica hybrid
    Viola wittrockiana
    Iris "Georgia O'Keefe"
    Papaver nudicaule
    Echeveria species
    Dioon edule seed pod
    Echeveria pulvinata
    Gazania rigans
    Setcreasea purpurea
    Hippeastrum hybrid
    Erigeron glaucus
    Abutilon "Ashford Red"
    Magnolia x Soulangeana



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